“"The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit."”


Getting your customer journey right.

By Patrick Craig

" Damian Farnworth, Chief Content Writer for Rainmaker Digital, explained the concept of success in marketing terms succinctly, “If you have people buying your stuff or services, you’ve gotten two things right: you’ve built a healthy audience and given them a product or service they love.” It’s not magic, especially if that brand has a carefully thought out customer experience map in place, one that radically minimizes the possibility of poor experiences or barriers to purchase. Amazon’s One Click or VISA’s Tap and Pay purchasing function is a perfect example, showing us how needless steps can be eliminated from the customer journey. "


How to deepen your customer engagement.

By Danny Parisi, Luxury Daily.

"We have been tracking consumer expectations of brands in relation to supporting social and environmental issues for 25 years and we’ve seen that expectations increase consistently over time," said Whitney Dailey, vice president of marketing at Cone Communications, Boston. "Today, consumers really seek out more than a transactional relationship with brands, especially in our current tumultuous landscape where consumers are more engaged than ever and are looking to brands for additional backing on issues that matter most to them."


Brands can create a better customer experience by being purpose driven.

Alicia Tillman, the new global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SAP, the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software talks to Alan Swinscoe about purpose and how brands can create a better customer experience by being a purpose driven brand.


Customer experience is the new brand.

By Shep Hyken, Forbes

Be it customer service, product quality or just the way the customers feel about the companies they do business with, customer experience rises to the top of whether or not the customer will decide to keep doing business with a brand.


The Patagonia Effect

While they’re passionate about providing their customers with exceptionally-crafted gear and apparel, Patagonia’s first concern has always been social and environmental responsibility.
Within their mission statement, the company expresses a desire to recognize the relationship between humans and nature, choosing to sponsor silent sports as they pose no threat to nature.

“We need to reinvent the way we market to consumers. We need a new model. It does not exist. No one else has one yet. But we need to get going now.”

A.G. Lafley, chairman-CEO, Procter & Gamble