Understanding the Current State

With all projects, big or small, we start with a deep dive into your current state. We dig into why you feel you need a shift, we chat to everyone along the value chain, we understand where you are and then together, we help you clarify where you'd love to go.

We gain insight into the needs of your customers and employees, diagnose your current capabilities and identify where value is being left off the table. By identifying the core issue and driving why behind it, we can then, together, prioritize which opportunities to focus on.

Journey & Emotional Mapping

Our business stemmed from our frustration that companies we worked with knew customers’ emotions were important but couldn’t figure out a consistent way to define them, connect with them, and link them to results.

By understanding your customer’s and employee's journey and how it links to their emotional state across every touchpoint, can enable revolutionary transformation, which always results in a positive return on your investment.

“Today’s culture of quarterly target hysteria is totally contrary to the approach we need. They require executives to look back and don’t articulate management’s vision for the future. Investing in customer experience requires a view into the future.”

Laurence Fink | Co-founder and Chief Executive of BlackRock | 4.6 Trillion in Assets

Choose the right Measurement System

If you are serious about creating a culture around customer experience we help you create a system that has the right capabilities. This process collects, analyzes, and allows you to act on customer feedback in real time. Furthermore, you will be able to apply advanced analytics to the data in order to diagnose root causes and predict impact on future customer behaviors.

Collaboration, Partnerships & Investment

Collaboration is the new competition. Organizations are slowly acknowledging that even their best individual efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected challenges. That's where we come in. Leveraging off our network of experts, we connect, partner and collaborate with you to solve your business challenges or to create additional business opportunities.

And, when appropriate, we can activate capital raising opportunities into growth-stage ideas and businesses from our investor network. If it's worth it, and it will impact the world, we – literally – invest in the outcome.