Every connection we make, strengthens our net worth.

With more options, more customer segmentation, more data, more media, and more distribution channels, businesses are drowning in complexity. The traditional approaches are all commoditised and siloed. We offer a new age approach to match your complex needs and challenges to solutions and specialist skills to create unique opportunities. Ones that are hyper-personalised, facilitate collaboration over competition and are above anything else , customer centric.

Patrick Craig / Chief Experience Officer, MANCIET

The problem with what's out there

In our experience, a typical 'agency' views a client's needs through the lens of their own core capabilities and fixed resources. As a result, despite the complexity and diversity of your problems, the agency invariably arrives at the same solution.

This shouldn't be a surprise, since, from the agencies' point-of-view, the client "must" do advertising, or design, or digital etc., because that is the service the agency is designed to provide and the one that affords it the greatest profit. This is not how we work.

How do we work?

The great advantage about our model is that we're not ideologically or infra-structurally compelled to sell a service or solution to you purely because it sits as a fixed cost on our balance sheet. Our business model allows us to manifest our capabilities and choose our resources and your team based on your business needs.

At MANCIET we've spent over 10 years building a global network of multi-disciplined subject-matter-experts that operate 100% remote. As a result we've partnered with some incredibly talented, cutting edge specialists and boutique, hyper-specialised organisations.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Bucky Fuller / American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor.

How does it actually work?

"We contract our talented consultants and subject matter experts from our diverse network and the global workforce and use various software tools such as Zoom, a video conferencing tool, to stay connected and aligned.

Our goal is to hire talented team members regardless of location. We truly believe motivated and passionate employees or associate consultants are too valuable to keep shackled to a desk. As a result, we’re committed to keeping our teams 100% remote."

Patrick Craig, MANCIET