Who we are and what we believe.

We believe in the power of a new experience. Everything we do is built around the biological effect that such experiences have on the human mind. For the past 14 years, we have built a global hand-picked network of travel and experience designers whose sole mission is to discover, recommend and design purpose-driven travel expeditions and adventures to the some of the world's unique and undiscovered destinations. Our business is rooted in human behavioural science, experiential marketing and personalised values-centred travel journeys. Our experiences are designed to bring about self-discovery fusing what you love with who you want to be. We create the opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone into the growth that lies beyond.

What Makes Us Different

Over the past decade of designing experiences, we've created a unique methodology which helps us customize an experience based on your values. With this we're able understand who you want to be, what you really value and what truly energises you. Using this proprietary framework, we tailor voyages that challenge you to try something unexpected while we take care of your every comfort along your way. Our itineraries are rooted in the science of human behaviour and plays off the connection between new experiences and its affect on the mind, body and soul. Every detail is considered as a stimulus for your senses so you are able to forge a fresh mindset while exploring your journey.


Our Network

Our network is our net-worth. We have spent the past 10 years searching for experts with a minimum of 10 years experience in their respective hobby, field and industry. These men and women consist of qualified and vouched for tastemakers to local creators, 'experientialists' to entrepreneurs, business executives to travel journalists, niche experts and adventure seekers in over 30 cities and destinations across the globe.



We have designed travel experiences just for you. Our vision is to inspire the people that work, collaborate and engage with us, to advance themselves through the experiences, methods and teachings we share.

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"It was a spectacular experience so well done! The look and feel and overall flow worked perfectly for the brand."

Leandi Jamneck, Director

Butterknife PR

"Thank you for looking after us in South Africa. I will never forget it as long as I shall live – It was truly an incredible experience. So glad we got to hang out in between work. Hope you see you soon."

Grammy Award Winning Singer & Songwriter

Joss Stone

"Amazing partnership. Your team exceeded all my expectations through unparalleled creativity."

Black Bottle, Brand Manager

Taygan Govinden

"If you can find out when the next Studio 7 Session is make sure you go. You’ll thank us later!"

Lonely Planet

"Heartfelt thanks for putting together such an amazing experience! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I do hope we get to work together again in the future. Our readers who attended, had nothing but positive things to say!"

Ramsay Media

"I used Patrick’s service to develop a video that would communicate my brand message in a sharp, different way. He grasped the brief immediately and contributed his own special style to it. Even with a tight deadline he and his team delivered, and proved to be an asset to my business."

Founder of The Influence Institute