“80% of brands believe they deliver great consumer experiences. Only 8% of consumers agree.”


Customer Engagement

Our Customer Engagement strategies helps companies leverage our expertise and experience to deliver personalised and engaging digital experiences, without being over-reliant or overwhelmed by technology and solution integration.

The most powerful influences on purchase decisions are personal experiences with the brand and the recommendations of others who’ve had them. We create socially-charged engagement experiences that connect brands and consumers—inspiring conversations, building relationships and driving demand

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“All employees have an innate desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves.”

JAG RANDHAWA / Author of “The Bright Idea Box"

Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement approach fuses psychology, technology and the fact that employees no longer want to be stuck at a desk 24-7. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial values driven relationship between you and your employees, one that empowers them to self-actualize while delivering on your corporate strategy. The experience includes the employment and social contracts that define the employer value proposition (EVP), as well as the technology and tools that they use to do their jobs across spatial and virtual environments.

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Listen, Measure & Adjust

Balancing proactive technology, automation and artificial intelligence with delivery that comes from human contact builds a more efficient and nurturing organization. Employees hate pain points, so we iron those out.

Understanding what makes your employees tick is not a one-time thing. It’s important to continually track behaviors, mindsets and problems that face your workforce every day and evolve how you address these.

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Re-imagineering The End Experience

Digitalization is disrupting nearly every industry. Expectations from customers are on the rise, encouraging the need to deliver adequate interactions. Customer experience, fed by customer engagement. The question is not if companies should implement customer experience tools, but which one?

Using an integrated set of digital marketing services and cloud solutions, we help you create more exciting customer and employee engagements which achieve superior marketing results by reimagining the end experience.

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AIRBRN is an online-based change management platform that is designed to help organisations reward and recognise employee behaviour. It lets managers track everything from internal culture assimilation to learning and reaching sales targets. AIRBRN provides badges and a points system, a newsfeed showing tasks and goals, the ability to earn AirCoins, the ability to spend AirCoins at the AirMarket which is listed with e-learning, experiential rewards for meeting deadlines and goals

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