Thank you for getting in touch

31 August 2018

You’ll never believe what just happened!

The whole office just finished celebrating, and everytime I see them do it,
I think it couldn’t get any more crazy! But then they always prove me wrong.
Because to us, each and EVERY contact is one step closer to our mission,
of positively impacting 100 million people.

Thanks for reaching out, and being interested in our work and mission.

That’s a VERY big deal to us. Don’t believe me?

After you pressed the submit button, and went back to work as a {job_title} at {business_name}, 

our CRM sent us your details and a giant confetti cannon exploded, and blew tiny little {colour} pieces of paper all across our 

Customer Experience team’s office. At the same time, your name FLASHED across the screens of every employee's phone, 

beat matched to a rhyming jingle , so that they remember you by name, when you next get in touch. 

Our automations guru gave our IT guy a hi-five, while our operation team did 3 pushups (I don’t know why, but for some reason

they do that every time someone fills out the form, something about getting in shape makes them more efficient!) 

Will, our head of User Experience, ran outside and hugged some old lady walking past the window, 

shouting "YES! YES! IT WORKED!” 

I’m also fairly certain I just saw Jono, our director of production, take a shot of ginger and toast to the north. 

I have no idea why, he used to only do that with a tequila after a one of our sold out experiences ends. 

But as he reminds me, without the small steps, the big one’s wouldn’t happen. 

Sorry, sorry... I’m going off topic.

Look, I didn’t write this to tell you about our team’s awful impulse control, 

but to thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch within 24 hours. 

We hope our work and thought leadership will enable you to achieve your goals while at the same time 

being able to co-create a better experience for your team and your customers. 

If it doesn’t, please give me a call direct, and tell us how you feel.

Look forward to getting stuck in,


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