“What started as an experiential agency over 10 years ago, has evolved into a global boutique consultancy that fuses psychology and technology to help organisations be more purpose lead and future proofed. Companies with a strong purpose have highly engaged employees. Engaged employees drive 147% better earnings per share. We help companies discover, define and leverage purpose as a path to profitable growth, putting experience at the centre.”

"When I started this business I wanted to play in a completely different space to everyone else in the highly saturated marketing and consultancy industry. For the past 10 years, we've dedicated our days to asking better, smarter questions. We challenge the status quo and market we've grown into while always maintaining a healthy balance between purpose and profit."

Patrick Lowry Manciet Craig / Founder

Why the change in name?

A lot of people having been asking me about the name change. The company we started back in 2009 is no longer the company we’re going to be in 2019 and with our new direction in terms of our product and service offering and more importantly focus, we decided to grow up and find a name that was more suitable to the clientele we are now working with and the types of projects we will be rolling out from 2019 and beyond. 3 Blind Mice brand served us well and will definitely be shelved for anything really out the box, but like Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin, we believe we can build MANCIET into a globally renowned brand.


How do we do it?

We're moving into an experience age. No matter what category you're in, clients are expecting you to create curated, hyper relevant experiences. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the human being is critical. Experience is not just about solving pain points but reigniting the desire people have for the brands we work with. Using our customer centric methodology, we set out to create customer focused experiences that do just this. 

As a result, we’re able to solve our client's business problems fusing creativity, human behavioural psychology, technology & data in the least painful way possible.

To do this we leverage off our network of subject matter experts, suite of software solutions and archive of innovative ideation. 

Our goal is to make things simpler, more convenient and more personal. Because this makes you memorable.


Strategy is the cornerstone of everything we do. We offer a complete suite of services that leverage off our in depth qualitative or quantitative research so that we can guide your brand strategy. We do this so we can help you make better, strategic decisions. We help you decide between what you can do, and what you should do. All of it comes together using our methodology so that we can co-create the conditions where our strategic creativity can drive your commerce. To us strategic creativity and innovation in our industry is about finding the best solution, not just the one we can implement ourselves.

Creative Expansion

We deliver BIG ideas that help you expand and or improve your end experience. We are equally comfortable developing video content as we are engineering complex activations (and everything analog or digital in between).

We make sure all our ideas tap into human values that resonate on a cultural and personal level. It needs to be worth talking about. Or, it’s just waste. We're not in the business to create something cool so we can win meaningless awards. We'd rather focus on making a real impact on the people that matter to your brand most.

Innovation & Production

Innovation is not just a noun (the end product), but a verb. It’s about creating a culture of innovation -an approach, a mindset, a process- focused on solving real problems for real people. When needed we pull in the best in the biz to help you navigate the challenges we may face.

From innovation workshops, to prototyping, to testing and then production, our innovation process takes an outside / inside avenue. We use the context that surrounds a business / brand / product / idea to figure out how we make something that’s truly remarkable and execute it with our world class production team.

Collaboration, Partnership & Investment

Collaboration is the new competition. Organizations are slowly acknowledging that even their best individual efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected challenges. That's where we come in. Leveraging off our network of experts, we connect, partner and collaborate with you to solve your business challenges or to create additional business opportunities.

And, when appropriate, we can activate capital raising opportunities into growth-stage ideas and businesses from our investor network. If it's worth it, and it will impact the world, we – literally – invest in the outcome.

Our Services


Experiential Launch Strategy
Concept Design & Development
Spacial & Sound Design
Immersive Content & Technology
Planning & Production
Interactive Experience Design
Digital Strategy
Digital Campaign & Amplification
Analytics & Optimisation
Performance Marketing


Marketing & Growth Strategy
Brand Experience Development
Service Experience Gap Analysis
Ecosystem Integration
Experiential Content Creation
Customer Engagement Analytics
User Experience Strategy & Design
Digital Strategy & Implementation
Intelligent Data Analysis
Social & Influencer Marketing
Operational Refinement


Content Strategy & Development
Digital Content Creation
Digital Engagement & Strategy
Brand Experience Audit
Customer Journey Refinement
CRM, Web & App Development
Product Development
Employee Engagement
Customer Experience Strategy
Future Proofing Management